XPEDITION - Denali LX / DLX Bow - 2020


Back by popular demand is XA’s most sought after model.

The reinvented Denali LX (DLX) carries the same overall platform as its predecessor.

It shares the same brace height and axle to axle length but is vastly improved to enhance the shooter’s experience.

The forged caged riser, updated limb pocket design, and the HDS cam creates a crossover bow that perfectly blends stability, consistency, and performance for the competition line or in the field.

The Denali DLX uses the HDX Cam which offers 6 inches of draw-length adjustment, with rotating modules.

No bow press or additional module purchases required to make draw-length changes!


  • The HDX cam can be used with either a limb-stop or cable-stop.
  • USA-made 'GAS' strings (BCY 454) in black colour as standard.
  • Riser machined for two-piece quiver fitting - std triangle hole.
  • Axiom Limb Dampeners.
  • Lower additional stabiliser bushing on riser - shooter-side.
  • Roller-guard for reduced cable friction.


  • IBO: 342 – 345 fps
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs
  • ATA: 34" +/- .250"
  • Brace Height: 6.5" +/- .125"
  • Draw Lengths: 26.5" - 31.5" (in half inch increments)
  • Let-off: 80% Adj.
  • Draw Weights: 40, 50, 60, 65 and 70lb.
  • No 80lb option.


Delivery times for special order bows may vary considerably - depending on the backlog at Xpedition and where we are sitting with our ordering cycle.

We do not do 'single' bow orders - unless you are prepared to bear the full cost of all Customs clearance charges incurred during goods entry to Australia.

These charges are spread across several bows, when a multiple bow order is cleared by Customs. This keeps the cost of each bow as low as possible.


  • Target colour up-charge: $169.00 AU.
  • Target colour ADDS 4 to 6 weeks to the regular production time.
  • Target colours are a gloss powder-coat finish, not anodized.
Stock bows, when held in store, usually have flat black limbs.
Made in the USA.

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