Recurve & traditional how-to guides

Recurve & traditional how-to guides

Some archers seem to have natural skill, but for the most part, "Excellence takes persistence."

Here's two very useful references we often recommend to archers keen to improve their recurve or traditional technique.

If you want to know how top archers fine tune their recurve bows, we recommend that you search for Tuning for Tens by Rick Stonebraker, published online by the Texas State Archery Association. It is a comprehensive guide to getting the most out of your recurve equipment, and covers plungers, paper tuning analysis, setting the nock point, and indexing your nocks. Rick also gives you a format to keep a written record of important information.

Rick says, "An important part of archery is the equipment. The skill of the archer is also important but if the bow is not properly tuned, the archer's skill is reduced."

If you've got just over two hours to spare, watch "The Push - A Traditional Archery Film" on YouTube. There's an incredible amount of knowledge packed into this film... instinctive shooting, aiming styles including the "fixed crawl", hunting and competing with a traditional bow. It's all delivered in an inspirational and intelligent manner by a passionate young traditional archer from Pennsylvania, USA.

It's interesting to read the comments posted about the film ... there's more than a few compound archers who've been inspired by it to make the switch to traditional archery!

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