Arrow Tools

Perform arrow-related tasks like removing arrows from the target, spin testing or weighing components easily with tools from this category.

Composite image showing the Bohning stripper blade refill pack with a close-up of the blade inserted in the arrow  stripper tool. The image also shows the Bohning and Ten Zone Archery logos.
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BOHNING - The Stripper Replacement Blades

A 3-pack of new blades for the Bohning Stripper Vane remover. Changing the blades on the Stripper tool is very easy. Simply separate the two halves...

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Bohning alcohol burner showing wick and cap. The Ten Zone Archery logo is visible on the image as a watermark.
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BOHNING - Alcohol Burner

This is the perfect tool for melting any hot melt point adhesive. Use the Bohning alcohol burner with 'denatured' alcohol or Methylated Spirits. ...

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AAE Lube Tube Arrow lubricant oil bottle on white background with Ten Zone Archery logo watermark.

AAE - Lube Tube Oil - Refill

This lubricant is for use with carbon and alloy arrows in any target material. Replacement 14.8 ml bottle of target arrow lubricant. DIRECTIONS Re...

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