AAE - Elite Plastifletch Vane - 50pk

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Elite Plastifletch EP-40 is a low cost, high quality general purpose and hunting vane; suitable for all arrow types.

AAE tell us their Plastifletch vanes are “constructed with a tough material that has great memory and superb shaft adhesion.” Toughness, vane to vane consistency and bright colours have made the AAE Elite Plastifletch vane a big success worldwide.
  • The concave base has an applied activator to improve adhesion and arrow assembly.
  • We use AAE Maxbond Adhesive with these vanes and get excellent results.
  • Weight: 10.3 grains approx.
  • Dimensions of the EP-40 are:  L 97mm x H 12mm x W(foot) 3.0mm

Made in the USA by Arizona Archery Enterprises.
Packaged with care by Ten Zone Archery.

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