AAE - Plastinock - 12pk

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For use with swaged alloy shafts or timber shafts with tapered nock ends.

Plastinocks have a double snap design that gives a positive string fit but allows the arrow to leave the bowstring smoothly.

Longer ears and angled throat design keep the nock on the bowstring at any string angle.

A thin base gives the nock a perfect blend to the arrow shaft.

  • No wind resistance. 
  • No arrow rest deflection.

1/4 inch Plastinocks:
for alloy shafts from 15XX to 17XX (eg. 1516, 1716)

9/32 inch Plastinocks:
for alloy shafts from 18XX to 19XX (eg. 1816, 1916) 

5/16 inch Plastinocks:
for alloy shafts from 20XX to 21XX (eg. 2016, 2117)

11/32 inch Plastinocks:
for alloy shafts from 22XX (eg. 2216, 2219)

Made in the USA by Arizona Archery Enterprises.
Packaged with care by Ten Zone Archery.

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