Q2I - Fusion X-II Vane 3.5 Inch - 36 pack


This vane is designed and engineered for high-energy, fast bows.

It features unrivalled advancements for broadhead arrow steering and control.

This vane features Dual Polymer technology for un-paralleled adhesion to the arrow shaft.

  • Great for bows with cable clearance issues.
  • Super-stiff material eliminates flutter and noise in flight.
  • Low profile shield cut design.
  • Super-vibrant colours!

Exact dimensions of the Fusion X-II 3.5 inch vane are:
Length 3.5 x Height .49 x Width 0.033 inches
Weight: 11 grains

Q2I Fusion X-II logo

Made in the USA
Packaged by Q2I Archery

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