AAE - Max Stealth - Hunting Vane - 100 pack


100 Quantity Pack!

The AAE Max Stealth vane offers the whisper quiet shape of the 2.6 inch Elite Plastifletch vane with the durability and flexibility of the proprietary MAX material.

The MAX Stealth also features the ultra stable, air channeling ribbed design the MAX line is famous for.

The Max Stealth vane is super tough - perfect for bow hunting Australia.
  • 2.7" long x .50" high.
  • Weight:  9.2 gr. +/- .5 grains.

For the ultimate bond between Max Stealth Vanes and any carbon shaft, use AAE Max Bond or AAE Fast-Set Gel, in conjunction with the AAE Max Weld Primer pen.

Your vanes will not come off when you use the Primer Pen and prep your arrows correctly.
TIP! Clean the carbon shaft with Diggers brand Isopropyl Alcohol. Don't use Metholated Spirits or Alcohol wipes that have fragrance added. 
Made in the USA by Arizona Archery Enterprises.

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